The fall season is upon us and my excitement could not be more elevated. When this time comes around, my initial reaction is to pull out all my fall decor, shop for pumpkin-scented candles and make my favorite pumpkin loaf recipe.
     Over the course of the past couple of fall seasons, I have been searching high and low for the "perfect" fall doormat. Unfortunately, my visions for decor is not easily fulfilled because I cannot find the specific item to meet my vision or in all honesty, the price point is completely off. I am a believer in finding the best quality for the best price. There are definitely home decor pieces that are worth the extra cost, however a doormat is not one of those items. Therefore, I was looking for a pumpkin inspired mat to coordinate with my sophisticated, pumpkin covered wreath. After my many unsuccessful trips to the usual places such as Homegoods, Pier 1, Target, and online searches at Pottery Barn, and Frontgate, suddenly, an image appeared of an adorable "Hey there, Pumpkin" doormat. Instantly, I was drawn in and thought, "That's it! That is the mat I have been searching for!" Just when I thought the search was over, the price for a simple mat was $45+$15 shipping. Ouch! Why this expensive for a simple straw mat with black lettering? Therefore, I put on my creative hat and put my DIY skills to the test. After a trip to Joann's, I retrieved all of my supplies and began the process of making my fall doormat. This post will showcase the process step-by-step and hopefully, inspire you to create your own vision for this year's fall front porch look.

List of Supplies

1. Thumb Tacks - $1.00
2. Straw Doormat - $7.79 (On sale from $12.99 at Joann's)
3. Lettering printed at Home
4. Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint (folkArt brand in Licorice) - $1.99
5. Wooden Handle with Sponge Brush - $0.79
6. Scissor

*Ivy not included!

Grand Total: $11.57 (Savings of $48.43!)

Step 1 - Choose your font and print out your lettering. My choice of fonts were Brush Script MT in size 350 and Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold in size 200.

Step 2 - After cutting out your lettering, line up the printouts on the mat and pin them down with thumb tacks. 

Step 3 - Take the sponge brush and apply the paint onto the mat. Tip: Use the thumb tacks to press down and hold the lettering in place while painting. The lettering has the tendency to shift during the painting process. 

Step 4 - Ensure that all of the lettering is saturated with the paint and wait a few minutes prior to peeling off the lettering. Tip: After removing the lettering, you may need to apply a second coat of paint, if so, use a small paint brush in place of the sponge brush. 

Voilá! Your beautiful budget-friendly doormat is complete!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! I am happy to help!

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