Meet Ivy + J'adore Custom Pet Bed

The Story of Ivy

      Today, I am officially introducing a new addition to our family, a sweet cat named Ivy! Jake and I traveled over 4 hours to meet him at a breeder near Greenville, South Carolina. We initially planned to take home a female kitten, but after being introduced to Ivy, there was no kitten more perfect for us. He was incredibly lovable and had a fun personality. No other kitten was interested in being held by me except for Ivy, he loved the attention. Friends and families of ours told us that the kitten will choose us and that is exactly what happened. I guess that meant the pink colored cat carrier, and bejeweled pink collar had to be returned. Oh well! He certainly has become apart of the family and likes to be apart of everything we are doing. His curiosity can be quite entertaining to watch. If you have been watching my snapchat (@bowlinesandlace) then you know, Ivy is a fluff ball of love and sweetness. Ivy really loves his custom bed from J'adore, they make high quality pet beds with many different colors and prints to choose from. The comfort of his new bed makes nap time 10x more enjoyable now.

About the Company

     If you have a beloved pet then J 'adore custom pet beds will be the perfect gift for your cat or dog. These pet beds come in all different sizes, ranging from xx-small to xx-large as well as different styles. Ivy's particular bed is a "cuddle bed" but J'adore offers 5 other pet bed options. The quality of their beds is top of the line, durable and easily washable with pockets that unzip to maintain cleanliness. Check here for washing instructions and care information.
     J'adore has over 200 fabric options for your pet bed. My only issue with creating Ivy's bed was choosing the fabric patterns, with the vast selection, it was easy to become indecisive. Thankfully, the pet beds are reversible which allows one to choose several other patterns for a completely different look. J'adore allows one to have two beds in one essentially. Did I mention J'adore's products are HANDMADE IN THE USA, Kansas City to be exact! Support local businesses here in the USA.

                  You can check out their website here: J'adore Cusom Pet Beds      
Use code for free embroidery ($10 value) with your order of a pet bed: bowlinesandlace


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