Make up Monday: Nordstrom Beauty Travel Essentials

#NSale Beauty

The #NSale is still going on, but only for one more week! When searching through the beauty products still available, my cart instantly became full with discounted make up favorites. 

#NSale Beauty


Many beloved make up brands have been offering travel size versions of popular products. With another summer vacations nearing, these compact brushes and beautiful lipsticks will nicely fit in my carry on. The Anniversary Sale has 1 more week left before prices increase, therefore I wanted to shop the beauty products before the sale ended. Since I have been looking for a new collection of blushes and lip colors. The Nars blushes are simply beautiful and very complimentary on the skin. This cheek palette has 4 blushes, 1 highlight, and the Laguna bronzer. When you are traveling, make up palettes are the way to go for a lighter load without having to leave your favorite products at home. Lip products are tricky to buy without trying on, but believe these YSL lip products are my new favorites. Visit your nearest Nordstrom to test them out or if leave in the Charleston area without a store close by, try them out at Sephora. Nordstrom has a hassle-free return policy which makes for shopping online a more relaxing shopping experience. I know that if a product does not turn out the way my heart desired, I can return it with no issues.
The Laura Mercier make up palette, oh my goodness, beautiful! If you have blue eyes, this eye palette is going to make your eyes pop! Browns, and bronze shades are my go-to shadows for highlighting my eye color. Even if you do not have blue eyes, these shadows will become your daily essentials. The other great thing about this palette is that it comes with a highlight and bronzer which makes it another all-in-one perfect for traveling. You can use all these products mentioned with the Bobbi Brown brush collection with a bag to store them in. I love that these brushes comes with a makeup bag, because my makeup brushes are usually thrown in with my other makeup. Which ends up leaving makeup stains all over my other products.


  1. I am so lucky to see your blog! I have been wanting to get new makeup and you just showed me the best, thanks girl!

    My Vogue Style |

  2. Get some makeup tips for my travel in September. Thanks for your tips

  3. I love those brushes! Such a great find!


  4. These products are gorgeous, I love the colors! Some I've used before and some I've only heard of, like Laura Mercier. I've yet to try out any of her products, but I'm looking to do so when I'm finished with some of my products. I love the travel sized YSL products, so cute! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  5. I do the same! My makeup pouch inside is kind of stained because I also just drop my makeup brushes there. Although they have brush guards, it doesn't stop the brushes from making a mess inside my makeup pouch. xD



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