Zara Tropical Printed Trousers with Nude Crop Top

Tropical prints are all the craze right now and I am perfectly okay with that. These trousers from Zara were picked up while I was in Hawaii. Wearing a tropical print in a tropical location is a standard for us "tourists." I put quotation marks around tourists, because in my mind, I was a local.  
 Since I lived there for a period of time, but I have to say, I was probably the most like a tourist of any local. Jake and I were constantly on the go whenever the weekend rolled around. Wherever island hopping, exploring the mountain tops of Oahu's windward, relaxing on one of the top beaches in the world, we did it all. We have been incredibly blessed and thankful for everything opportunity we have had thus far in our lives.

 Trousers: Zara, Similar here   //    Heels: BP. in Blush Palent (Less than $60!) //  Crop Top: SHOPBOP             //   Handbag: Chanel 2.55, Similar here  // Bangles: Cartier in Rose Gold, Similar here  //   Watch: Charming Charlie in Rose Gold (LOVE THIS WATCH! Inexpensive, but looks glamorous. Only $20!!)

How to Wear the Tropical Print

When wearing tropical prints is to wear other pieces that have a similar color palette of one's print. I chose a neutral palette since my trousers were less bright. Since a tropical print can be a dominating style, it is important to tone down the overall look with less dominating colors. Less is certainly more when it comes to printed pieces. In my look above, I choose several colors from the trousers and used those colors in other pieces. As you can see with the heels, top, earrings, and handbag. A handbag and shoes are important when choosing to wear a tropical print. These pieces can highlight a color in your tropical print. I decide to highlight black, but I could of easily highlighted either one of the other colors. With heels, a solid color is essential to the success of your overall look. Whether the color is a neutral or a bright green, it is completely up to you. What I love about this print is that one can style the look with bright accessories for a dramatic appearance and a fun, summertime feel. Or one can style in a way that tones down the overall look and simply highlights the print itself, which is what I did in my look today.

Ultimately, my advice is to simply have fun with different tropical prints and be true to yourself. A wonderful aspect in regards to style is that trends are formed to inspire. With that inspiration, one can mold themselves into a look that captures the individual characteristics of your tastes. It could be your sense of self and style that begins a new trend.
What a beautiful possibility!

Xx, Amy J.


  1. Hands down, my favorite look of the day. From head to toe, it all is SO summer chic and I want every piece in my closet!! Those pants are just FAB!! XO


  2. These pants are so pretty! I love Zara!


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