Men's Plaid Fall Look

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Dress your man for the first day of fall. Whether it is your husband, boyfriend, brother, father or friend, men should not be left out of the fall fashion conversation. Even since I was a young adolescent, my dad and brother would always come to me for fashion advice. There was something about getting the thumbs up from me that put their minds at ease about making the right fashion choices. 

My brother use to only wear athletic wear going up and I would hint at every opportunity that, hey! it is time to incorporate other pieces into your wardrobe. Every birthday, Christmas,  random gifts would be a clothing item for my brother. I was a proud sister when my brother graduate college then grad school as a young professional dressing in J. Crew Button Ups and pull over sweaters paired with a tie. I love seeing how fashion can evolve no matter who you are and it is never too late to improve your style. 
My husband Jake was a doll assisting me with this post by being my handsome model! He is a natural! When I met Jake, he was a college football player who rarely wore an outfit that did not involve his college football team logo. As attractive as that style can be to an undergraduate female junior, I saw the potential and just as I assisted my brother and dad, began buying him dress shirts and ties. Jake did not even own a tie until I bought him one. How precious is that? Due to Jake's profession, he does not have to worry about what to wear to work since he has an issued dress code. But when he is not working, I am loving his new founded style. 

This post is meant to show how to take a basic plaid flannel and style it two ways. For a casual influence then tie the flannel around the waist for a cool look. Want to add a touch of class and a slightly more formal, dinning out appropriate? Then tie the plaid flannel around the neck and you are good to go! A quick transition from day to night with a simple positioning change! 

Happy first day of fall!!


  1. My fiance is ALL about Henley shirts! He probably has them in every color known to man and every brand! Loved this post!

  2. Amy, you did a fantastic job at styling your hubby! My husband was the same way, too. He wasn't into fashion at all and never really conceptualized his outfits until recently. Now, forget it, he LOVES shopping and putting together looks for himself and when he receives a compliment, forget it, you've made his day!

    It's always great to see how the men in our life come to us ladies for fashion tips and then watch how they actually incorporate those tips in creating their own looks!

    I hope you have an amazing day, girlie!




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