End of Summer Must Haves

    Is anyone forgetting that we still have another month of summer? Technically, fall does not even begin until September 23rd and every store in America is acting as if it started weeks ago. No, no, and no, I refuse to have summer end early. Of course who does not LOVE pumpkin spice lattes on a cool fall day or pumpkin scented candles, or even the changing of leaves? I certainly love all of those fall treasures, however I want to continue to live in the moment and right now, it is still summer. Sorry retail stores, you have not fooled me just YET.
      Therefore, I will be sharing my new favorite summer items. These are a mixture of skin care products, fashion, accessories, and a few other surprises. If you still want to embrace the last days of summer with me then read on!

End of summer must haves
summer beauty


I hope you enjoy the last days of summer and stay festive!



  1. I agree! Let's savor the summer! Fall will be here before we know it! The school I teach at here in Massachusetts has no A/C, so I am in full summer mode sometimes right into October! Glad you stopped by today! You have such a pretty blog! I'll have to stop in on Instagram.

    1. I love it! I am happy to know I am not alone in the feeling! Haha! Thank you so much, Monica! Please do check me out @bowlinesandlace

      Xoxo, Amy J.

  2. Wonderful inspirations, I am going to the beach tomorrow for this Sunday of summer ! :-) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

    1. Lovely! I hope you had an amazing time at the beach! Savor every moment of summer!

      Xoxo, Amy J.


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