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Hello everyone,

    Let me take this opportunity to announce I am back! These past few months have been rather hectic with work, traveling, and special life events such as getting ENGAGED! {Check out my Instagram for details and pictures of my ring!} Needless to say, my personal life got in the way of blogging. But I am excited to be posting regularly and sharing today about my favorite planners you will not want to live without. This time in my life, scheduling, planning, and meeting deadlines are never ending. Wedding planning is a lot of work, although this was a thought that I knew before I got engaged, it certainly does not prepare you for the amount of work that comes with planning for it. However, the planning is more charming with an adorable planner. Am I the only one who buys a new planner 4 months into the year? When I was in college, I lived by planners and filling every tiny box with assignment after assignment. Thank goodness, my life now is more about the cake tasting appointment and wedding dress alteration type of activities. Whether you are in school, a working professional, mother or bride-to-be there is a planner for every woman.

     Planners come in all types of styles, layouts, colors, and PRICES these days! I am not loving the retail price of an Erin Condren planner, but I am loving how perfectly designed they are for planning your schedule. Her planners are great for adding a personal touch to what can be a commonly standard item. That aspect of her planner is what I enjoy most. Of course, you can go to Target or Lilly Pulitzer and purchase a planner, but can you add your name to the front or choose any color combo your heart desires? No, you cannot, sorry to report. But we cannot all afford to spend $50 on a planner, therefore I am sharing an array of my favorite planners in all price ranges.

     These planners continue to be a staple piece in every planners life. If you were similar to me and desired to indulge myself with one of these planners, but may have been hesitant to spend $50. Then you will be happy to know that they are more affordable than ever, with her offer of 40% off on many popular styles. I am loving the savings, which is why I took advantage and ordered myself one. I am a lover of planners, stationary, the lost art of letter writing, I love sending cards and receiving them. I love the quiet time spent writing out my schedule for the week with a bright colored ink pen that is only appropriate to use in your journal or planner. But have fun with it! No one is judging a middle-aged woman who loves pink colored ink pens, at least I am not! All I can say is I hope to be half as fun as you when I reach your age, God bless you!

This is just one design that is available. Click here to see all the planners that are on sale. 

      Lilly Pulitzer is Sold Out on their website, and due to it being April, they will not be restocking. However, you can purchase in limited patterns on Amazon. The price is around $18, depending if you want a pocket size or standard size. Although, these may lack the personalization of the erin condren planner, but if you are a Lilly lover as me then you will want to use your planner to schedule every little life event. Every month is a different Lilly design and included with this planner are stickers to use for fun, an elastic band to hold the planner closed. Those two features are an extra cost when purchasing an erin condren planner. I love the dates to celebrate page because it is helpful when keeping track of everyone's birthday. You simply list birthdays and anniversaries, any special event date on that page. This is an overall great calendar!

To check out the pocket size planner on Amazon, click here 

SHP planners on Etsy has the cheaper and simpler version of a planner, but they are still adorable. You are able to choose the start month for the planner, as well as choose between a standard cover meaning no personalized name or choose a name on planner cover. The price ranges between $12-$17 depending on desired features.   

An example of available designs below:

There are many other adorable planner designs, click here to see others. 

I hope you can find a planner that fits your budget and style! 

I had to share a couple of pictures with you from our engagement night! Check out my Instagram to see more!


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