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    I thought this post would be a wonderful opportunity for you get to know me more and to share a few of my favorite pieces of the moment! Enjoy!

1) One of my favorite scents of all times has to be pumpkin! I look forward to fall when the scent is in full supply and I am able to stock up for the entire year. I have found that the best smelling pumpkin scented candles are from Bath and Body Works. If you know of any really good smelling pumpkin scented candles, please let me know! :-)

2) What can I say, Kate Spade is amazing! My favorite color is turquoise/mint and anyone who knows me can say I have way more wallets than I will ever need. A mini-obsession! This wallet had everything I wanted: Wallet, check! Kate Spade, check! & beautiful turquoise, CHECK!

3) Anchors, anchors, anchors...what can I say, I just love them! The design is simple, yet full of meaning. I love the nautical aspect of the anchor. These earrings by Alex and Ani are the perfect little addition to any jewelry collection. Some of my favorite jewelry pieces are the simple and understated ones, this piece is no exception.

4) Ever since my visit to the beautiful Newport, Ri my love for pineapples has grown. The city's symbol is a pineapple and you can find a pineapple on almost anything in that area. I think this home decor piece is beautiful and clean, it reminds me of Newport.

5) Of course another pineapple piece! I love these simple stud earrings. They are adorable and when I saw them, instantly fell in love with them.

Sale Tip Reminder: Kate Spade Sale ends tonight at 11:59PM!

Happy Shopping! 


  1. That candle! I keep seeing it all over blogs and vlogs! :) Ah I need!
    xo Erin

    1. That is because it is amazing, Erin! ;-) You definitely should try it out! I'm sure it will be going on sale soon because bath and body works already has all their Christmas merchandise in!

  2. That wallet really is gorgeous, I love the color!

    Kristina does the Internets

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Kate Spade has a beautiful color scheme for her products!

  3. I have that candle and it smells ah-mazing!! Also, I am loving those pineapple earrings! Too cute!


  4. It's devine! Definitely a go to scent! And I'm glad you love the earrings, I do too! ;-) Thanks for stopping by, Emily!


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