Accessories, Accessories, Accessories! What is an outfit without the key components? Simple can definitely be more, but an accessory does not have to be over the top to be special. Specifically, I will be focusing on jewelry accents. In terms of jewelry, there is a balance between overdone and not enough in regards to accessories. Yes, matching earrings, necklace, and a bracelet could be defined as overdone. But what about that classic cashmere sweater? It could be divine individually worn and I have definitely worn it this way for work. However, accessories for the fall season can give your outfit the perfect accents!

   Floral accents are a major trend this fall season. I love the detail that this necklace has with the stunning diamond studs in every flower center. A true feminine piece to complete any fall outfit!

Ornamentation is another detailed aspect of the fall trends this season, whether feathers, beading, or glitter, there seems to be nothing off limits for style choices.  

 You can add classic pearls to dress up the basic tops or add a diamond accented necklace. I love this necklace above with the anchor accent. You will be seeing this necklace used in an outfit for tomorrow's blog post!

Bangles, perfect for mixing and matching! They add the right amount of color to an outfit. As far as color, orange is the trending color for the fall. You do not have to wear a orange dress or bright orange top to keep up with trends. Highlight trends through simple accents, such as a bangle. 

 Earrings, I simply love these earrings above. They are dressy, but I enjoy wearing them with everyday attire. Creating a style is about showcasing the fashion pieces you desire. The rules of fashion do not have to keep you boxed in! I am all about individual style and expression. If you feel confident then that is the most beautiful accessory of all!

     Not sure where to find accessories similar to the ones posted above? In Downtown Annapolis, there is a boutique called, "Lou Lou" which has adorable and unique accessories. Another amazing boutique is called, "Charming Charlie." They have everything from necklaces, bracelets, rings, handbags and if you love color coordination, you will love that store. A must see! Of course, online is another great outlet to find the perfect accents! 

 Happy shopping!
   Lou Lou

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