A 1920's Charleston feature: Blush-Colored Pleated Skirt

Pleated Skirt: c/o Simple Retro in size Small  //  Scalloped Top:  Zara, Similar herehere and here     Heels: Nordstrom   Clutch: Charming Charlie, Similar herehere  and here  //  Pineapple Belt: Charming Charlie, Similar here  //   Earrings: Kate Spade  //   Sunnies: MCM, Similar here and here

It was a beautiful evening in Charleston, a change from the usual humid weather that summer months bring to the southern coastline. Which presented the perfect opportunity to wear a pleated maxi skirt paired with a high neck line top. The femininity of this Blush-colored pleated skirt had me excited to wear it and made me feel the 1920s elegance of the style. Whether attending an elegant dinner party, dressing up for church, or simply going to work, this look is appropriate for all those occasions. 
The classic black paired with a pretty blush tone is complimentary to each other and neutralizes the overall look. The pop of pattern is an important component to me in a look, therefore I found this adorable tropical print clutch from Charming Charlie. Following the tropical influence and Charleston's iconic symbol with a gold pineapple detail on the belt. This belt is simply adorable! It was love at first sight. 

This week has already been an exciting start with a new addition to our family. If you have been following me on snapchat @bowlinesandlace then you know we have a new kitten named Ivy. He is the sweetest little thing and we feel incredibly loved all the time with him around. 


Southern Living Summertime Peach Cobbler

Does it get anymore southern than a peach cobbler? I do not think so! This recipe from Southern Living Magazine is a delicious addition to a summertime evening surrounded by the company of one's family and friends. Food is a perfect avenue to filling our homes with laughter and gathering loved ones together. Peach cobbler always tastes better when it is made with love and a dash of something sweet. A topping of vanilla ice cream is not only a finishing garnish, but that extra hint of sweetness. This peach cobbler recipe allowed me to pull out the cast iron pan that I had been wanting to use and fire up the grill. A unique take on the traditional oven based recipes I have been using for years. 

The ingredients are divided into two parts. One, will be for the cobbler and Second, will be for the biscuit. 

What you will need:

10-in. or 12-in size cast iron pan


(2) mixing bowls, whatever size you have will be fine!

Mixing utensil


Part 1: Cobbler 

7 cups 1/2-inch fresh peach slices or 2 (20-oz.) bags frozen sliced peaches, thawed and drained

3/4 cup granulated sugar

2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg

2 tablespoon butter

Part 2: Biscuit 

1 cup all-purpose flour

1/4 cup granulated sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 cup heavy cream

1/4 cup butter, melted

1. Pre-heat one side of the grill to medium-high. While the grilling is heating, take a bowl and add the peaches then set a side. Next, take a small bowl and mix sugar, flour, cinnamon, and salt. Once the ingredients are mixed together, sprinkle over the peaches and stir until the mixture covers the peaches.

2. Add the peach mixture to a buttered cast iron pan (recommendation is a 10-in size, but I used a 12-in since that is what I own). Cut into pieces and place 2 teaspoons of butter over peaches then cover with aluminium foil. Place the cast iron pan on the heated side of grill. Cover the grill and let cook for 15 minutes until the mixture is bubbling. 

3. Mix flour, sugar, and baking powder in bowl. Then make a well (essentially "dig" a hole in the middle of the mixture), add the heavy cream and melted butter. Mix all ingredients. 

4. Now uncover grill, dispose of aluminum and add droppings of dough mixture to the peaches. Cover with grill lid once more, and allow the peach cobbler to brown for approximately 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes, carefully remove the cast iron pan from the grill and allow to cool before serving.

Add a scoop of ice cream and Enjoy!


Zara Tropical Printed Trousers with Nude Crop Top

 Trousers: Zara, Similar here   //    Heels: BP. in Blush Palent (Less than $60!) //  Crop Top: SHOPBOP             //   Handbag: Chanel 2.55, Similar here  // Bangles: Cartier in Rose Gold, Similar here  //   Watch: Charming Charlie in Rose Gold (LOVE THIS WATCH! Inexpensive, but looks glamorous. Only $20!!)

Tropical prints are all the craze right now and I am perfectly okay with that. These trousers from Zara were picked up while I was in Hawaii. Wearing a tropical print in a tropical location is a standard for us "tourists." I put quotation marks around tourists, because in my mind, I was a local. Since I lived there for a period of time, but I have to say, I was probably the most like a tourist of any local. Jake and I were constantly on the go whenever the weekend rolled around. Wherever island hopping, exploring the mountain tops of Oahu's windward, relaxing on one of the top beaches in the world, we did it all. We have been incredibly blessed and thankful for everything opportunity we have had thus far in our lives.

How to Wear the Tropical Print

When wearing tropical prints is to wear other pieces that have a similar color palette of one's print. I chose a neutral palette since my trousers were less bright. Since a tropical print can be a dominating style, it is important to tone down the overall look with less dominating colors. Less is certainly more when it comes to printed pieces. In my look above, I choose several colors from the trousers and used those colors in other pieces. As you can see with the heels, top, earrings, and handbag. A handbag and shoes are important when choosing to wear a tropical print. These pieces can highlight a color in your tropical print. I decide to highlight black, but I could of easily highlighted either one of the other colors. With heels, a solid color is essential to the success of your overall look. Whether the color is a neutral or a bright green, it is completely up to you. What I love about this print is that one can style the look with bright accessories for a dramatic appearance and a fun, summertime feel. Or one can style in a way that tones down the overall look and simply highlights the print itself, which is what I did in my look today.

Ultimately, my advice is to simply have fun with different tropical prints and be true to yourself. A wonderful aspect in regards to style is that trends are formed to inspire. With that inspiration, one can mold themselves into a look that captures the individual characteristics of your tastes. It could be your sense of self and style that begins a new trend.
What a beautiful possibility!

Xx, Amy J.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

The time is finally here for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and as you can already see it is the trending topic all over social media. I am sort of a rookie to this sale for some odd reason! Because it really is the best time to buy designer brands for major discount. That Burberry scarf you have been wanting to buy for the longest time but could not justify the purchase, can now be justified because it's on sale. (If you asked my husband it would still not be justified, ha-ha). COME ON Burberry sales are not a common phenomenon, y'all!  I think it is a very sophisticated brand and not just for the mature lady. Burberry somehow transforms me into thinking I am some kind of British local running around the city streets of London. That may have been a bit of exaggeration, but you get the idea of how fancy it makes me feel.

The good news is if you love Burberry as much as me then this sale is a happy time for you. Or even if you are not a huge Burberry fan, there is PLENTY of designer brands on sale right now. I will be sharing my current favorite things on sale at Nordstrom. If you are not completely familiar with the sale and want to know more about it then follow along as I HIGHLIGHT the important details.

1. If you are a Nordstrom Card Holder (Credit Card) then you are essentially VIP for 8 days, because you are allotted private shopping prior to those non-card holders. This is a nice feature of the sale because items tend to sell out quickly. If you want to APPLY click here.

2. Early Access is now (Thursday, 7/14) while the Sale begins (Friday, 7/22) through (Monday, 8/8)

3. Shop the Catalogs for a preview into what is on sale. You can find the Women's Catalog by clicking here and the Men's by clicking here.

4. Not a Nordstrom Card Holder but want a SNEAK PEEK at items on Sale? Click here.

From off-the-shoulder tops to formal evening gowns, I have selected some of my favorites pieces on Sale at Nordstrom.

My favorite accessories that are ALL on sale right now. Sandals, Pumps, Flats, Handbags, and the list goes on! I love the Gladiator sandals that are less than $100! 

**This is not sponsored by Nordstrom, simply my own opinions and selections!

Happy Shopping!!


A Poncho in the Park

Poncho: Nordstrom Rack, Similar here and here     //   White Pants: Vince Camuto  //   Sun Hat: Brixton, Similar here   //  Wedges:  MK (last season), Similar here  //   Earrings:  Kate Spade  //  Nail Polish:  OPI in shade "PINK-ING of you"   //   Handbag: LV, size MM, Similar here            

Have you ever suddenly, without reason become "obsessed" with a style? Well it is certainly happening to me with two things: One, this poncho! I am loving ponchos and the fact this particular style is sheer makes it versatile for summer. Unfortunately, I bought it on sale at Nordstrom Rack and I say unfortunately only because I am unable to find it online anywhere. Therefore, I attached similar versions from Nordstrom and another site. My second "obsession" is probably more predictable which would be this sun hat, y'all! I am wearing it so much this summer and it has instantly become one of my favorites. It was perfect for our trip to Savannah and random escapades around our beloved Charleston. The white jeans shown above are skinny, but for whatever reason they look baggy on me in these pictures. Sorry about that misconception! I got them from Nordstrom and love them! 

     Hopefully, everyone had a lovely weekend! I was working on something exciting to began yesterday, but I had some malfunctions along the way. Thus, I will be beginning my new blogging surprise next Monday. You will have to check back in for the reveal! This week has already begun and I have a list of tasks to be completed. Jake and I are heading back to Maryland later in the week for my sister-in-law's baby shower. A visit home is always a nice treat and I look forward to all the fun that awaits us this week. 

Oh, do not forget to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @bowlinesandlace for both to stay up to date on all life's happenings. I would love to follow back and get to know you better!


Savannah White Dress + Beauty Tips to Survive the Heat

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (Light and breezy, perfect for summer), Similar here  //  Sun Hat: Nordstorm, similar here (Recently, I've been obsessed with this hat!)  //  Sandals: Michael Kors, cheaper version here  //   Bracelet: Lilly Pulitzer, similar here

         If you have been following my SC or Instagram, then you know over the weekend, my husband and I went to Savannah, GA. Karaoke in the car is the best way to past the time. We had a BLAST!  Can I tell you how excruciating the heat was down there? One of the days we were down there, the temperature report said it felt 115 degrees. It certainly was an accurate assessment. I had high hopes for many beautiful pictures for the blog, but we were shooting rapid-fire as a means to finish quickly and escape the heat. Therefore, I thought it would be the perfect moment to share some of my favorite ways to stay cool, yet maintain that southern elegance without showcasing those sweaty palms. (Even though in reality, you are one drop of sweat away from your entire face of makeup washing right off).

      One: Hydrate! You are probably saying to yourself, thank you, captain obvious! I know, but drinking plenty of water before, during, and after activities in high heat is not only beneficial to preventing dehydration. It has the potential to maintain the glow of your skin. Water is not the only way to hydrate your skin, using a moisturizer first thing in the morning is going to prevent your skin from becoming dry and striping your skin of the natural oils. Along with eliminating the signs of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Try using a moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from harmful rays. Quick Tip: I use a mini cloth ice pack after moisturizing to lock in moisture by tightening pores.  

     Two: Wear a hat! Since moving down to the Charleston area, the heat is quite hotter than I am use to. A sun hat is an absolute must when venturing out in direct sunlight. It can aid in the heat relief and provide another protection from the sun. It can be easy to forget sun screen application on the neck and ears, therefore a hat is a sure way of providing a form of sun protection. My favorite sun hat at the moment here!

      Three: Wear sunscreen! Did you really put it on? The SPF in your makeup does not mean you have completed the sun screen application process. I remember those days back in high school when I thought having a nice tan meant I had to bake out in the sun wearing 5 SPF. One day, I literally laid on aluminium foil because I read it would increase the tanning process. I should of embraced my Polish heritage and realized being tan was not in the cards for me without sacrificing my skin in the process. Since college, I have become more focused on protecting my skin than sticking it in the oven. Dermatologists recommend 30 SPF to have proper sun protection.  Did you know that 30 SPF blocks 97% of UVB radiation from the sun? Anything more than 30 SPF is just excess and a minimum increase of blocking UVB.

     Four: Antioxidants to the rescue! There are many skincare products with antioxidants that can assist with reversing skin damage. Sun spots, be gone! I love using a Vitamin C serum in the morning and before bed. Quick Tip: A chilled cucumber cut into thin slices and placed underneath the eyes is a super way of decreasing inflammation caused by puffy eyes, or dehydration from the summer heat. Plus! It is quite relaxing!

      Five: Mist of Refresh! I always loved running through the misters at the local zoo as a kid. Lets be honest, I still love to do it! Or those classic fans that mist your face sold all over Disney World. In a moment of overexertion from the heat, I thought the $19 price tag was worth it. But thankfully, I pulled it together and did not agree to the 190% markup. Anyways, I love the facial spray by Mario Badescu, which contains rosewater, aloe, and herbs. This product hydrates your skin, sets makeup, and soothes sunburn skin. It is a must buy for summer relief in a pinch! I use it everyday!

      Six: Exfoliate! Dry skin clumping your makeup? A facial every week would be the life, right? How about an at home peel? I have started using Dr. Dennis Ross's at home peel. There is nothing better than obtaining a clear, glowing complexion without spending a lot of money at the spa. Dr. Dennis Ross's skincare line has many effective products that are sold at Sephora and Nordstorm.

      Seven: Combat frizzy hair! Once a week I use Macadamia Oil Hair Mask in which the hair is saturated with the mask overnight then washed out in the morning. It has literally saved my hair from the damage caused by hair tools and the summer sun.

**All of the products mentioned are ones that I use and not sponsored.

Summer Skin Care


Wear this on Fourth of July

Dress: J. Crew (last season), Similar here and here  //  Pearl Bracelet: Real, Similar here (On Sale!)           //    Starfish Bracelet: Lilly Pultizer (sold out), Similar here and here  // Watch: Michael Kors, Similar & Affordable  here and here (BOTH ON SALE!)  //   Earrings: Charming Charlie (last season)  //    Wedges: Similar here and LOVE these  //  Handbag: Vintage Chanel, Similar here  //  Tote: Similar here   //  Lipstick: YSL in shade Lingerie Pink

Fourth of July is one of my all-time favorite holidays! The patriotic flare and traditional American cuisine of grilled hot dogs, burgers and baked beans. Watermelon freshly picked and every kind of fruit pie invented usually appear at my celebrations. It is a joyous occasion with family at the beach, pool or the lake house gathered together in our red, white and blue attire. The holiday does not feel the same if I am not by the grill and a body of water. Last fourth of July, I was newly engaged and unfortunately separated from my future hubby. Thankfully, this year we will be together but sadly not with our families. I guess you cannot have everything your heart desires, but thank goodness for face-time, right?  

This look is festival without being over the top. I wanted to incorporate the colors of the fourth in a conservative way by mainly using two of the three celebratory colors, blue and white. A subtle hint of red appears in the bracelet, though you could even wear some red lipstick to add a touch more to your look. I am a strong believer in "less is more." If you are going to a nice cookout with family and friends then you will love this look. It is perfect for a day of holiday shopping with old friends too. But if you are headed to the beach or pool then check out my other post here.    

There are many super sales going on this weekend and to get the full list of sales click here. I will be adding more sales to that list as more come about, therefore check back in to see more. I am really loving these dresses on sale now, this one (only $20) and this one. The trends this summer are really cute which makes dressing up way more fun!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July! #bornintheUSA 


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